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Lung Cancer Registry Launches Landmark Survey on Women’s Sexual Health (June 2020 – Press Release)

(Washington, DC)—The Lung Cancer Registry has launched a landmark new survey on the impact of lung treatments on women’s sexual health. The aim is to explore the magnitude of the problem and give researchers and clinicians new insights to improve the quality of life for women lung cancer survivors.

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This Is Our Registry + NEW Participant Video (June 2020 – Newsletter)

Participate in the Lung Cancer Registry, a community powered by patients and the patient voice. Together, moving lung cancer developments forward.

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New COVID-19 Poll & 7 Tips or Coping with Your Emotions (March 2020 – Newsletter)

The Lung Cancer Registry is tracking information on how COVID-19 may be affecting your or your loved one’s cancer care.

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New Surveys + Registry Insights on Stigma (February 2020 – Newsletter)

We launched new and improved surveys in November that are designed to better understand your lung cancer journey. The health data we gather from you and other registry participants provide insights to guide researchers and insights for you as well.

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New SURVEYS to Capture Key Data (December 2019 – Newsletter)

We have exciting news and we wanted you to be the first to know.

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New Community Poll Feature & Recent Registry Publication (December 2019 – Article)

We are excited to announce the Community Polling as a brand new feature to the Lung Cancer Registry! Updated often with new questions, we encourage our participants to log in and provide insight into your treatment journey.

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