Be Heard in the Fight Against Lung Cancer -- here's how (August 2019 – Article)

Participate in the Lung Cancer Registry, a community powered by patients and the patient voice. Together, moving lung cancer developments forward.

Ready to make a greater impact on the fight against lung cancer? Explore some of the many ways you can contribute your strengths to the lung cancer community on our Become an Ambassador page! If you are an ambassador already -- thank you! Please visit the new page to find inspiration for how else you can help your community.

Everyone can be an ambassador just by simply spreading the mission of the global lung cancer community. Here are some suggested messagings we encourage you to share on your favorite social media platforms and online communities (like HealthUnlocked, Inspire, SmartPatients, etc.)!

  • Clinical research holds the key to developing treatments and getting them to patients. You can play a part in the #research by joining the #LungCancer Registry. Check out the site's "News" to see abstracts and reports. #beatlungcancer #lungcancerregistry #lcsm
  • If you are living with or caring for someone with lung cancer, you can be part of the Lung Cancer Registry, Registered participants can compare and share their experiences with others and receive info about research opportunities. Learn about new clinical trials and get one-on-one guidance from a LungMATCH specialist on options, testing, and trials.

Become An Ambassador

Want to share, but none of these messages are quite what you're looking for? See the attached document for more ideas. Or, please write your own! Remember to tag @lungcancerregistry and include so we can learn from your journey.

Together we can make a difference as we continue the fight to end lung cancer.

Sandra Shaw
Director, Patient Registry
Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.