This Is Our Registry + NEW Participant Video (June 2020 – Newsletter)


Participate in the Lung Cancer Registry, a community powered by patients and the patient voice. Together, moving lung cancer developments forward.

I hope this email finds you well as the seasons change and we continue to largely shelter in place. As we talked about in our last newsletter, COVID-19 continues to impact medical care for lung cancer across the U.S. and the globe—including some of you.

But who are you? Well, not just you, but your fellow registry participants.

Lung Cancer Registry participants come from all over the world.

While Americans make up the vast majority of the registry community, participants come not only from North America but also from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceana. This geographic diversity helps researchers study the impact of lung cancer regionally, ethnically, and otherwise.

So what else does the data tell us? While most participants are between ages 45–75, the age distribution spans from your 20s to your 80s. While 83% of you filling out a survey are lung cancer patients, 9% of you are spouses and 8% of you are parents, relatives, or legal guardians.
Tell Us Your Registry Story
Meet Lung Cancer Registry participant Jeff Clark, who says “the data they can collect from patients in the registry is extremely valuable in researching and developing future treatments. Treatments that have kept myself and so many others alive.”
Patient stories, like Jeff’s , are an important way to spread the word about the Lung Cancer Registry. In the coming months, we’re hoping to showcase more voices of registry participants powering lung cancer research.

Want to share your story? Please reach out to me to learn more.

Finally, I want to give you a heads up to watch for a new survey on women’s health that we’re launching shortly.

Please know that the Lung Cancer Registry is more important than ever during this unprecedented time. The registry is a safe way to contribute to lung cancer research. Your insight and experiences will allow researchers to grow our understanding of lung cancer which will ultimately improve treatment. Please continue to complete registry surveys and encourage others to join the community!
Best wishes,

Jacinta Wiens

Jacinta Wiens, Ph.D., M.S.
Director, Lung Cancer Registry
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