Why the Registry Matters

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importance of a patient registry.

Why the Register Matters

The Lung Cancer Registry was created for ANYONE who has been diagnosed with lung cancer to help researchers better understand the disease and develop better treatments.

Every year, more than 1.8 million people around the world receive a lung cancer diagnosis. And though there has been progress in treatment options, it is not enough. As a member of the Lung Cancer Registry, you are now part of a global effort to better understand the disease. Your experience is important to researchers developing new therapies.

The registry allows patients to be part of the solution.

The data gathering can lead to big research—and that is a big deal. When researchers study lots and lots of health data from you and thousands of others living with lung cancer, they can see patterns. Those patterns could lead to better understanding of diagnosis and treatment, and ultimately result in better outcomes.

When we look at the disease communities that have found new treatments, we see that they have one thing in common: they built patient registries. With this Lung Cancer Registry, anyone with lung cancer can contribute data, and anyone who needs the data can access it.

It’s easy to join, and the registry ensures your privacy. After you sign up, you can decide if you wish to be contacted about research or trials. Not only that, but you also can see what your disease looks like compared to other patients in the registry.

Join today and be part of the solution to end lung cancer.

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